Shipping can be hip (and efficient) with A.I. RPA!

Shipping industry has been around since the start of human civilisation. However, an old industry doesn’ have to contend with old ways of doing things. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), coupled with intelligence of A.I. (artificial intelligence) can automate various aspects of operations in shipping. We at Gleematic focus on automating documentation processes in this industry.

Smart documentation and regulatory clearances:

Shipping is heavily regulated and requires a lot of documentation, especially for cross-border voyages. Operations-teams are drowning in the seas of tasks such as immigration clearances, checking bills-of-lading, updating authorities for incoming and outgoing vessels, declaration of cargo, etc. We have been helping shipping agencies and shipping lines in Singapore and in neighbouring countries automate various tasks, so that work can be done faster, cheaper, and more accurately.

Crew clearance:

RPA enters crew’s info for immigration; A.I. recognize faces on identity documents to ensure accuracy

Vessel’s voyages:

RPA informs government websites for arrivals/ departures; A.I. predicts likelihood of lateness/ punctuality

Reading SI docs:

RPA reads instructions from structured Shipping Instruction documents; A.I. makes sense of other semi-structured data


RPA extracts data from multiple documents for preparation of manifest; A.I. can analyse multiple manifest-documents to predict patterns


A.I. makes sense of data from crew’s certificates and classifies them; RPA enters these data into desired fields of government sites/ portals

Why use A.I. RPA for shipping?

  • Streamlines processes
  • Adheres to specified procedures
  • Complies to regulations
  • Works with existing I.T. applications and government websites/ portals
  • Avoids fines due to time-sensitive declaration
  • (A.I.) Reduces level of human intervention
  • (A.I.) Predict potentially-profitable routes for voyages/ peak seasons


Reduced costs:

Up to 

> 3x

Speedy transactions:



Fast deployment:

of time for integration

Empower yourself to do more!

Gleematic A.I. RPA is easier to use and set up, compared to other automation tools, so that even end-users can be empowered to tap on the power of A.I. robots. You can learn to create and edit scripts to direct the robots.

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