Insure your future with A.I. RPA for efficiency!

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) coupled with Robotics Process Automation (RPA) will give higher improvements in operational effectiveness for insurance companies. A.I. can assist in areas beyond rules-based tasks done by conventional RPA systems.

The next step for modern insurance companies:

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) has made inroads into insurance companies, especially for rules-based, voluminous back-office processes. It can be deployed for activities such as customer-onboarding, claims processing, underwriting, etc.

Take the next step to reap more benefits from automation by leveraging on A.I. to enhance RPA, through computer vision, natural language processing (NLP),and machine learning.

Customer onboarding:

RPA does data-entry; A.I. helps to recognize logos/faces, improves accuracy of data-extraction


RPA uses specific information to calculate risk; A.I. predicts risk-level based on history of multiple applicants

Policy approvals:

RPA manages/ completes activities in workflow; A.I. predicts approvals

Customer service:

RPA accesses enquiry emails; A.I. sorts emails out and categorises them

Claims processing:

RPA manages/ complete activities in workflow; A.I. detects potential fraud


RPA extracts info from feedback, A.I. helps to gauge customers’ sentiments

Why use A.I. RPA for Insurance?

  • Streamlines processes
  • Adhers to specified procedures
  • Complies to regulations
  • Works with existing I.T. applications
  • (A.I.) Gains insights for potential upselling
  • (A.I.) Ability to predict likelihood of incidents
  • (A.I.) Understand customers’ satisfaction


Reduced costs:

Up to 

> 3x

Speedy transactions:



Fast deployment:

of time for integration

Empower yourself to do more!

Gleematic A.I. RPA is easier to use and set up, compared to other automation tools, so that even end-users can be empowered to tap on the power of A.I. robots. You can learn to create and edit scripts to direct the robots.

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