Intelligent Document Extraction

 A.I. powered information extraction and OCR for your documents. 

Highly intelligent to adapt to various structures of your forms.

You have the power to control and train on the type of data you want to extract.

Accelerate your business efficiency with Gleematic's intelligent document-processing capabilities! 


We apply advanced machine learning to accurately extract text, key/value pairs, and tables from documents. By training on some sample documents using our user-interface, Gleematic Intelligent Document Extraction tailors its understanding to your documents. Turn forms into usable data at a fraction of the time and cost, so you can focus more time acting on the information rather than compiling it.

Easy, quick, accurate. Just a flick of fingers.

Transform your business processes with intelligent document extraction. Convert paper documents into digital documents with our built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions, and automate the extraction with A.I. We don't just look for positions or keywords, but use artificial intelligence to understand the text, even if they are at different positions or phrased slightly differently. 


  • No Coding
  • Simple drag and drop labelling
  • Easily pull data and organise information

Flexible & Tailored

  • Works with exiting I.T
  • Train your own format and document
  • Customize output based on your needs

Multi Lingual

  • Work with Asian languages 
  • Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese

Cost Effective

  • Low cost of deployment
  • Reduced manual labour

Let robots get data for you.

Intelligent document extraction is a solution to transform and digitize all your documents, quickly and cost-effectively. It has advanced AI features to recognize and understand the text and structures in your documents, to automatically transfer it into your I.T. system.

AI features allow it to intelligently extract information in multiple different forms and templates. It is quick, easy, and can be trained to understand the pattern of documents just by showing samples of that template. 

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Powered by AI features
to intelligently extract data.

  • Easily and quickly understand patterns of documents.
  • Intelligently extract data from multiple different templates and document forms.
  • Understand relationship between data fields and entries in documents
  • Detect, identify, and categorize specified information to be extracted from unstructured data. With the ability to learn patterns and trends of data, improves and increases accuracy of extraction
  • Understand and interpret human-language text to be further processed and improve extraction

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Marketing/ Customer Service

Extract from feedback forms/ Customer on-boarding forms


Bills of lading, airway bills, sea way bills and other shipping bills


Invoices, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders

Human resource

Train robot to extract data from certificates or forms 

News & Events


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