Delight customers & enhance internal operations with A.I.

Modern companies have been seeking cost-reduction strategies and innovative technologies that will improve bottom line and bring more value to customers. However, technologies deployed in silos just create more work, as humans still need to intervene to make systems talk to one another and make sense of data. Make automation smarter with A.I. (artificial intelligence) to streamline, process, and forecast, so that your business will stay ahead!

A.I. augments existing automation:

Even with the help of computers, there is still a lot of manual work involved in gathering data, transforming it, and entering into desired systems that don’t talk to one another. Automate rules-based tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and incorporate Artificial intelligence (A.I.) in your processes. A.I. will allow you to take your automation a step further by detecting/ recognising faces and objects, intelligently extracting data from documents, predicting likelihood of events, preventing fraud, and much more!


A.I. detects photos of job-applicants, predicts which candidate can potentially perform well, etc.


A.I. smartly extracts data from documents, predicts when revenue might increase/ dip, etc.


A.I. interprets customer satisfaction, predicts likelihood of churn, etc.

Customer Service:

A.I. sorts customer requests, categories emails for relevant departments, etc.


A.I. reviews reports, detects abnormalities, predicts outcomes, etc.

Why involve A.I. in intelligent process automation?

  • Increases extent of automation (which is otherwise limited with rules-based automation)
  • Automates tasks involving semi-structured and some unstructured data
  • Ability to predict likelihood of incidents (e.g. fraud, increase in demand, etc.)
  • Learns from past transactions and get smarter with time
  • Can be customised using own data

Empower yourself to do more!

Gleematic A.I. RPA is easier to use and set up, compared to other intelligent process automation tools, so that even end-users can be empowered to tap on the power of A.I. robots. You can learn to create and edit scripts to direct the robots.

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