We have developed business automation software that is flexible, trainable and can work with any system – even legacy ones. Enter robotic process automation (RPA) - where software robots work alongside people to complete business processes. There is no need to redesign your IT systems to bring in these robots. They can work side by side with any existing systems – even legacy ones.

The robots will perform tasks by mimicking the way humans use software applications, such as clicking the mouse and entering data via the keyboard. You can also set simple rules for these robots to make decisions in the business process management.

Examples of areas that you can use RPA for:

  • Searching/ collating and entering data
  • Migration/ reconciliation of data
  • Updating customers’ details
  • Performing system checks
  • Generating reports
  • Other repetitive and/or rule-based tasks

Here's a demo video of how Gleematic can be your virtual customer-service staff:

Here are some use-cases of Gleematic software in banks:

  • Entering/ extracting data to and from multiple I.T. applications for KYC processes
  • Daily foreign-exchange rate updates into legacy systems (previously done manually for more than 200+ foreign currencies)
  • Filling in customers' information for compliance reports, exporting to PDF, emailing out
  • Checking data from multiple systems for loan re-financing processes
  • Migration/ reconciliation of data for daily reporting 

Let us know if you'd like a "live" demo of our automation software, and we'd be most happy to meet up. 

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