We named our company “Glee Trees” – trees that grow and spread happiness. Trees are very adaptable. Their leaves are small or pointy if they grow in arid climates, while leaves can be big and lush in tropical areas. Trees are efficient too. They can conserve water during dry spells by curling their leaves or even shedding the leaves if needed. We hope to nurture gleeful employees who will grow like trees during their time with us.

Our Values:

1. Efficient: Our product and services will help customers improve productivity- get more things done with less resources.
2. Innovative: Our automation technology creates new ways of solving old problems.
3. Gleeful: We aim to bring glee (joy) to the users of our product and services.  
4. Smart: The product we develop must be smart – and our smart engineers will continuously improve with feedback.
5. Agile: Product can be adapted for different uses/ environments/ platforms.



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