Business naming journey


Naming a business can be time-consuming, even though we knew we would be a software company focused on business automation software. We considered various factors.

Brands’ core values

We had to decide the value that our brands would represent. I write “brands” with an “s” because we intend to grow multiple brands of products as our company grows.

For a start, we had to think through what our company and our first product would represent. After multiple sessions of brainstorming, we narrowed down on the following core values:

For the company:

1. Efficient: We can find ways to work efficiently – to create maximum impact with optimal use of resources. (We think this is important in a start-up with limited resources.)
2. Innovative: We continuously look for new and better ways of solving problems.
3. Gleeful/ joyful: Our team-members should find joy in their tasks at the company.
4. Nurturing: We aim to help individuals grow in their professional capacity during their time with us.
5. Adaptable: Our company and our team should be able to change and adapt to various environments. It’s especially important in a start-up as our business model will morph as we grow.

For the product:

1. Efficient: Our product and services will help customers improve productivity- get more things done with less resources.
2. Innovative: The product is a new way of solving old problems.
3. Gleeful/ joyful: We aim to bring glee (joy) to the users of our product and services.
4. Smart: The product we develop must be smart – and our smart engineers will continuously improve with feedback.
5. Agile: Product can be adapted for different uses/ environments/ platforms.

Ease of pronunciation

Armed with the brands’ values, we threw up combinations of words that could possible become the name for our company and product. We also used some online name generators such as to come up with more suggestions. Then we shortlisted some, and discarded others that were too difficult to pronounce/spell or just plain strange.

Availability of website domain

We further shortlisted the names after checking the availability of “.com” domains. We decided not to take “.sg” or “.net” or others.

Finalising the names

After a few iterations, we settled on “Glee Trees” as our company name – trees that grow and spread happiness. Trees are very adaptable – their leaves are small or pointy if they grow in arid climates, while leaves can be big and lush in tropical areas. Trees are efficient too– they can conserve water during dry spells by curling their leaves or even shedding the leaves if needed. We hope to nurture gleeful employees who will grow during their time with us.

“Gleematic” became the name of our first product in robotic process automation. Again, we intend to bring “glee” to our customers through the use of our product, and “matic” is the short form for “automatic”. We believe that automation makes our lives more efficient. Automated processes are smarter than menial methods. Of course, our team must be agile enough to help find good fit of automation for our customers’ needs.


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