Gleematic RPA: functions to date

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Gleematic robotic process automation (RPA) solution grew in functionalities over the past few months. The software now includes cognitive functions, in addition to the typical “copy and paste” functions.

Our software uses computer vision to recognize icons/ items on the screen, and click and type just as a human would. It can also make some decisions like humans.

Here’s a summary of features to date:
- copy and paste data from one I.T. application to another
- filling up forms/ generating instant quotes on websites
- manipulating or moving data to and from legacy I.T. systems
- reading data from PDF, Excel and Word files
- connecting to databases
- recognizing presence of human face (when connected to web-cam)
- detecting physical objects (when connected to web-cam)
- sentiment analysis

The latest cool feature is the ability to extract information from unstructured text. Here’s our demo video:

Get in touch with us to discuss how Gleematic RPA can make your workplace more gleeful by automating various office processes.

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