Extracting Data From ID Cards With A.I (No Coding!)

Do you need to manually extract data from ID cards for your job? Doing this may be very time consuming. Imagine doing that 3-5 times as usual with no erros, allowing you to focus on more value added tasks! Try Gleematic.

Gleematic is a cognitive automation software that combines artificial intelligence with robotic process automation to help you extract data from ID cards!

Gleematic can recognize key-information of a person on an ID card and extract it all into a spreadsheet or even enter into a system. This process involves OCR feature and machine learning. By using Gleematic, the extraction process is faster, more accurate, and easier: no-coding is needed! You just simply need to customize Gleematic according to your needs, and the process is automated!

Move forward from manual process to automation for improved productivity and empowerment of your time, cost, and resources as Gleematic allows you to work faster and easier. Start your automation journey with Gleematic, an A.I-enhanced automation software that can do more than just automation.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo

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