How RPA Helps Your Company

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) refers to software applications (often called robots or bots) that replicate human actions and tasks and enable the automation of repetitive manual tasks. RPA can be a turning point for companies as they can minimize manual work needed to be carried out by employees.

On a typical working day, workers spend between 10% and 25% of their time on repetitive tasks that reduce productivity. Typical rules-based processes can be automated with the help of RPA, but not without human interaction and human-machine interaction. How can RPA help your company grow faster and be more productive?

RPA is Accurate

Human error costs companies billions of dollars every year, so we should not underestimate the importance of accuracy in terms of productivity and productivity loss. No matter how skillfully we are at a task, we tend to make mistakes, no matter what we do or how carefully we have approached them. The average human error rate for data entry is 2%-5% in businesses. This is where Gleamatic comes in. Gleematic can automate your processes for you and it is accurate. However, you need to optimize your process flow before and after automation, otherwise Gleematic will replicate your mistakes. 

RPA is Productive

Gleematic is productive as it can work 24/7 and will not fall sick or take leave. Gleematic can lift the stress off your staff's shoulders and allow them to focus on more high-value tasks.

RPA Saves Costs & Time

Gleematic can reduce labour costs from 35% to 65% and achieve a return on investment in a few months. Despite the huge savings, it is important to note that Gleematic not only strives to automate work, but also automates tasks to relieve staff, so that they can focus on more valuable activities. No one works as hard as Gleematic for a small amount of money.

RPA is Flexible

RPA mimics human actions and does not require any changes in the coding of the application, making it flexible and adaptable for almost any business. Gleematic can work with multiple applications to customize unique business processes and workflows. ERP, CRM and industry - specific applications are ideal candidates for Gleamatic, but can be used in any software system.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo

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