Use Automation While Working From Home During A Pandemic

Recently, the government is stepping up their efforts to further reduce the spread of COVID-19. One of the measures is to reduce number of employees in offices. Hence, companies are getting their staff to work from home. You can make use of automation while working from home to help you and your employees.

Extra Measures

The government has imposed strict quarantine measures on residents returning from overseas trips due to COVID-19. When entering public places, we are require to have our temperate scanned before we can enter. If we are suspected to have a fever, we will be denied entry as it is one of the symptoms for COVID-19. When heading out, we are all required to wear masks. We can only have social gatherings of up to 5 people including ourselves. 

Remote Work

With the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, it will be a major challenge for organizations to work productively remotely. As companies have to limit the amount of staff in the office, remote work will be the new norm. Organizations have to integrate more flexible elements into modern working environments.

This hasty implementation of national measures has the potential to expose organizations to significant risks. You could lose customers or have to let go of employees if your company is not ready or prepared to work remotely. You can implement technology into your workflow to help you adapt during this tough period of time.

Using Automation

Automation enables daily remote work by mobilizing a safe and functioning remote working solution. Gleematic makes it easy for users to perform tasks that need to be performed automatically.

If you are not able to finish your work on time, you can get Gleematic to help you. As Gleematic is able to work 24/7 without supervision, you could let it work for you while you rest.

Gleematic can help different types of companies because our software is very flexible and economical. Gleematic also helps you to save costs, allowing you to use that extra money to pay your employees during a pandemic.

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