Automating Everyday Tasks

The main advantage of automation is that it frees you from repetitive tasks and you can devote your time to activities that are more important to you.

Automating your daily tasks such as data entry, data management, customer service and customer care will free up valuable time. You can focus on discovering new and innovative ways to support your customers and spend more time with your family. Instead of wasting time on data entry, you can develop new ideas, make useful connections, and make progress.

Fortunately, our software Gleematic can help you automate business processes and improve the efficiency of your own business. You do not just think about the daily administrative work you have to do, such as tracking work flows, monitoring spending and handling customer complaints. Most of the time, running your own company will take time - exhausting, but automation can solve that. When we talk about all the little things we have to do every day, it can take hours to get the job done. Every day we try to find ways to reduce our corporate spending, and we are always looking for new business opportunities.


When you use Gleematic to do tasks that are normally done by employees, it does the job for you, allowing your employees to focus on more important tasks and eliminating the need to hire additional employees. Gleematic gives you a return of investment within months, a great investment in your business. It is definitely more cost effective when compared to an I.T overhaul or hiring extra pairs of hands.


Gleematic will carry out any of the tasks you have instructed them to do. Gleematic works 3-5 times faster than a human. This means that you can finish you tasks on time before work ends and no longer have to worry about staying late. If you really have to bring work home, Gleematic can work for you while you are at home, even when you are sleeping. Gleematic is there for you any time of the day, 24/7. Pick Gleematic up any time you need it and it will be there for you.


Written by: Elicia Yeo

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