Applying Automation To Insurance

If you work in the insurance industry, you are likely to spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks. If you combine insurance with automation, you will have time for important tasks. Let me explain exactly what you can automate in insurance and what a proven AI program called Gleematic can do for your business.


When a potential customer submits their application online, Gleematic extracts the information provided and checks it with the system to detect fraud. If no problem is found with the application, it creates a draft proposal and enters the customer's data. You come in to confirm the draft and if it is not approved or further information is required, it sends an email to the customers. Gleematic has shortened your workflow from five steps to just one. 

Policy Changes

When a customer request changes for a policy, Gleematic extracts the information and retrieves the data from the system. Gleematic will validate the changes on the basis of the rules you have established. After validation, it will update the customer approval policies.  If what the customer has submitted is not sufficient, Gleematic will request for further information. If not, you will review and decide if the changes are to be approved or not.

Customer Support

Gleematic has a feature called machine learning, where the robot learns based on past information. It can help you to automatically reply to emails after sorting them by their email folders. Gleematic will learn what kind of content you get from the relevant folders in the email and will use it as a reference for future emails when sorting.

These are just a few examples of what Gleematic can do for you. Gleematic can be your best friend if you want to reduce human error, save time and money and increase productivity. You don't have to work overtime anymore, Gleematic can do your job while you sleep.

Written by: Elicia Yeo

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