Allow HR professionals more time for human touch.

Human-resource (HR) department can be considered the “glue” that keeps teams together. HR professionals should be spending more time on talent-management strategies, staff-development plans, and crafting optimal policies that will motivate staff to contribute their best to the organisation. Give more jobs to the robots to create more time for tasks that only humans can do. (change)

Make more time for human touch with automation:

Even with the help of computers, there is still a lot of manual work involved in HR for gathering data, transforming it, and entering into desired systems that don’t talk to one another. Automate repetitive activities such as claims-processing, leave-approvals, and other rules-based tasks in HR with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Artificial intelligence (A.I.) will allow you to take a step further by detecting candidates’ photos, intelligently extracting data from documents, predicting likelihood of high performing staff, and much more!


RPA searches for candidates on recruitment portals ; A.I. predicts which candidate can potentially perform well

Onboarding staff:

RPA fills up digital data; A.I. enhances accuracy in extracting info from ID documents/ certs


RPA extracts data from time-clocking system to enter into payroll system; A.I. detects abnormalities


RPA updates data into government portals; A.I. detects likelihood of approval of work permits


RPA tallies claims and enters into Finance systems; A.I. predicts fraudulent claims

Staff feedback:

RPA fills in data based on inputs; A.I. interprets staff satisfaction and likelihood of resignations

Why A.I. RPA for HR departments?

  • Streamlines processes
  • Adheres to specified procedures
  • Complies to regulations
  • Works with existing I.T. applications
  • (A.I.) Reduces level of human intervention by smart data extraction
  • (A.I.) Ability to predict likelihood of fraudulent claims
  • (A.I.) Predicts staff’s performance/ likelihood of attrition


Reduced costs:

Up to 

> 3x

Speedy transactions:



Fast deployment:

of time for integration

Empower yourself to do more!

Gleematic A.I. RPA is easier to use and set up, compared to other automation tools, so that even end-users can be empowered to tap on the power of A.I. robots. You can learn to create and edit scripts to direct the robots.

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